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GLG Graphics Server: AJAX Avionics Dashboard Demo

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This demo displays an avionics dashboard updated with real-time data using a JavaScript timer.

The dashboard is implemented as a single GLG drawing containing several avionic gauges. The drawing was created with the GLG Graphics Builder, an interactive graphical editor for creating real-time screens with dynamic graphics. The drawing is deployed on the web using the GLG Graphics Server.

The dashboard uses a few pre-built avionics gauges from the from the GLG's avionics widget set. The Graphics Builder may be used to customize the gauges or to build custom gauges from scratch.

The dashboard image of the requested size is generated on the server side using the GLG Graphics Server in the form of a servlet. The servlet loads the drawing and uses it to generate an image. The size of the image is specified using the width and height parameters of the URL. Click here to display the dashboard's URL directly to see its parameters.

The dashboard is updated with simulated real-time data provided by the servlet on the server side. In an application, any custom data source may used. The servlet used in the demo is self-contained and may be used as a component on multiple web pages. The servlet's source code is provided and may be customized as required.

The servlet loads the drawing just once and reuses it between all servlet instances and threads. This reduces consumption of the JVM heap space, increases the speed of image generation and decreases the server load.

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