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GLG Graphics Server: AJAX Graph Selection Demo

Click on the graph to display selected values or move the mouse over it for tooltips.

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This demo demonstrates the use of the GLG Graphics Server's object selection capabilities to display graph tooltips on MouseOver and pop up dialogs with detailed information on the mouse selection.

When a user moves the mouse over the graph's datasample, a tooltip showing a load of the selected server is displayed. When a user clicks on the graph's datasample, a dialog with the server load information for the selected month is activated.

Since the object selection is processed on the server side, with no image maps defined in HTML on the client side, selection works when the graph image is resized or the graph is updated with new data. The server-side selection processing scales to accommodate a large number of objects with no performance penalty associated with defining a large number of image maps in the browser.

The graph image of the requested size is generated on the server side using the GLG Graphics Server in the form of a JSP Servlet or an ASP.NET Handler. The size of the graph image is specified using the width and height parameters of the URL. Click here to display the graph's URL directly to see its parameters.

The graph Servlet or Handler is self-contained and may be reused as a component on multiple web pages. The AJAX Dashboard Demo uses this URL to render the graph as a component of a larger dashboard. JSP Servlet and ASP.NET Handler source code is provided and may be further customized if required.

The data displayed in the graph is supplied by the Servlet or the Handler from a data source on the server side. The "Label:" entry field demonstrates how to supply Servlet or Handler parameters for the graph from HTML.

The graph Servlet or Handler loads the graph drawing only once and reuses it between all Servlet or Handler instances and threads for increased performance.

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